Our new workshop is located in Grand Rapids on County Road 63.   We purchased this property early in 2018 and started providing services in June.  People served at this location may complete vocational tasks and activities such as recycling, assembling firestarters, and making items for our store in the mall.  Individuals may have jobs in the community or may choose to participate in a wide variety of life skills activities such as cooking, gardening, utilizing community resources, physical fitness, arts and crafts, and technology.  Individuals receive assistance with behavior management, communication, social skills, community involvement, and employment.   Individuals are encouraged to participate in the community by doing volunteer work at places like Second Harvest and St. Joseph’s School/Church.  We assist individuals in utilizing community resources on a daily basis and encourage each person to gain and/or maintain their current skill level.  The focus is on building skills and making connections with community members.