General Info

Program Requirements: 
To receive employment services a person must:
1) Be eligible for BI, CAC, CADI, or DD waiver
2) Have Employment Exploration, Employment Development or Employment Support as an assessed need in your Coordinated Service and Support Plan.


How to Apply:

Interested Individuals, Case Managers, Residential Providers or Family Members can get more information about our services by calling our supervisory team at any of our locations.

Itasca Life Options Director:
Lisa Lassen


Crafted by Itasca Life Options
Central Square Mall
201 NW 4th Street, Grand Rapids


ILO Employment Services
333 Itasca Street, Grand Rapids, MN


ILO Workshop
25139 Commercial Drive,
Grand Rapids 218-327-0924


Step One:

Contact us! We will provide more information about our Services.

Step Two:

Contact your social worker or case manager and tell them you are interested in Itasca Life Options!  Your case manager will let you know if you are eligible and what services you can receive.

Step Three:

After you give consent, your case manager will initiate a referral on your behalf.

Step Four:

Fill out and return an intake packet so that we can make sure that we have the necessary staffing, expertise and capacity to meet your needs.

Step Five:

Once it is determined that ILO can meet your needs – we will schedule an intake meeting.  At this meeting we will meet with YOU, your case manager, guardian, residential provider or other important people in your life to get information on how best to serve you!

Step Six:

Once all the paperwork is complete, and we have all the resources in place to meet your needs you can start services! 


Within 45-days of service initiation, we will have a meeting to discuss how things are going and what outcomes or goals you would like to work on and see if we need to make any changes or adjustments to services!