Team Members

ILO employs 6 full-time administrative staff and 32 direct care staff.  ILO is governed by a 7 member board, with experience in the field of human services; including residential services, special education district 318, Itasca County Disability unit supervisor and nursing home administrator.
In the fall of l2020, the Itasca Life Options board of directors worked with a board consultant through Propel Non-Profits and funding by Blandin Foundation to strengthen our agency, define our mission, and update our by-laws.
We are currently looking to grow and diversify our board by adding more members. This will include looking for individuals who are passionate about helping people and have a diverse set of skills and interests.
ILO was one of the first day service providers in Itasca County and in the State of Minnesota. Other providers of day/employment services for people with disabilities in this area include the Occupational Development Center, Grand Rapids Vocational Services, Northern Opportunity Works and MDI/ Hired Hands. ILO is a member of the Itasca Strategic Alliance and the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation (MOHR).  Both organizations look to advocate and support agencies in providing meaningful services to people with disabilities locally and across the state.