AEOA Bus Garage

We have a crew of 8 working at the AEOA service center in Grand Rapids from 7:45-1:45 each week day.  People served at this location clean buses for Arrowhead Transit, as well as maintain the AEOA building and grounds.  Individuals are trained in various janitorial duties, bus washing, lawn care, office tasks, and general building maintenance.  This partnership has been in existence for more than 20 years and our workers enjoy and take pride in the jobs they do.
We are able to provide job assessment, search, placement, and continued support in the community for individuals.  ILO now has a professional Certified Employment Specialist on site available for coaching, training, and continuing education for staff, outside agencies, and the people we serve.   Some of our participants are working in supported employment in the community at Fire Place Lifestyles, Domino’s Pizza, doing lawn care at area daycares and apartment buildings.  We are looking to expand and support more individuals in community work situations in 2020 and beyond.  We achieve this by building relationships with local businesses, finding opportunities, and helping individuals/employers understand the possibilities.
ILO has partnered with the AEOA Youth Services to build garden boxes on the AEOA grounds and help maintain them alongside youth served by AEOA programs. Both groups enjoyed the harvest from the garden.